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It’s time to target the debt. 

The world is a dangerous place, but our greatest threat lies here at home in the form of our $22 trillion national debt. Borrowing trillions of dollars is making us less safe by hurting the American economy and threatening our ability to fund a strong national defense. That’s why we’re pushing Washington to finally enact smart reforms to cut the country’s enormous deficits and to start paying off our $22 trillion national debt.


Our national debt is $22 trillion dollars and counting. This is an urgent problem putting our entire country’s economy at risk and crushing future generations.

Congress is just making the problem worse. The massive bipartisan budget deal passed this year was a disappointing sign that lawmakers in Washington — from both parties – aren’t treating America’s overspending problem with the urgency it deserves.

America’s military strength is directly connected to our economic strength. America’s history of military strength is rooted in strong economies and free markets which encouraged innovation and allowed the rapid expansion of our armed forces during times of war. When our economic health is put at risk, so is our military strength. If our debt continues to grow at its current pace, our interest payments on the debt will exceed national defense spending by 2021.

It for these reasons that prominent military leaders like legendary Marine General James Mattis and former Chairman of the Joint Chief Staff Admiral Mike Mullen have called our national debt one of the greatest long-term threats facing our nation. is, it is crucial that Congress and the President begin to take this very real national security threat more seriously.


Fortunately, there are responsible and smart reforms that Washington can enact to start reducing the threat of out an unsustainable national debt: